What a morning!

I have had a rather eventful morning so far... 
My hair needs some fixing; I called a salon yesterday to book an appointment for this morning. I was sure to ask if they do African hair and all the necessary details and I got an appointment for 9am today. I got myself ready early and left, the place was extremely difficult to find, no one seemed to know the street. I found it eventually, and when I got in and told the lady there that I had an appointment for this morning, she said I was given an appointment for a consultation not for my hair to be made because their normal practice is to have a consultation then determine what needs to be done before they give an appointment for the actual hair do. Huh? I was irritated, I just wanted to get out but she was keen on giving me a lecture about my own hair and how the things needed for my hair are different and bla bla bla. I politely thanked her and left. 

There were a few hair salons on my way, I suddenly seemed to be looking for only hair salons and I got off the bus somewhere and walked into another salon. The lady there stared at my hair like ‘what do I have in front of me’ but I chose to ask the obvious, do you make African hair? And she said she had never had to but she still went ahead to ask what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to fix extensions and she said she may know how to do it. At this point, I didn’t feel like letting anyone use my hair for a learning session so I declined and all I wanted to do was to get the hair straightened out. To my surprise, she says the way we flatten hair normally will have to be done differently for you and she was going on...I had stopped listening. When she finished, as usual, I thanked her and left.
I was ready to go back to the hotel to catch up with my class mates, hoping to meet them up before they left for the free cruise around the harbour because we got a free cruise from one of the tour trips we went on.

As I got onto the bus and it started to move, I saw another salon that had extensions and I was thinking to myself, this has got to be it so I got off at the next stop and walked back there. 
The lady in there was wonderfully pleasant, as the French would say, ‘elle avait une très bonne mine’ but unfortunately she couldn’t help me so back on the bus I got. The bus pulled over at my stop and I got off. Right in front of me, there was a salon and I walked in but the look the lady in there had said it all and without a word, I walked right out. Four hair salons in a day and no hope? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’ll get it done in London tomorrow. That was my consolation.

I got to the hotel finally hoping for something positive, I called all my class mates rooms but didn’t get anyone. I had missed them. Now, I am feeling so frustrated. The weather today is beautiful, it’s 13 degrees, the sun is shining so bright and it doesn’t look like it will rain (but who knows). The weather today is pleasant for the first time since we got here but here I am! The only good thing is: I'll get to finish up all my assignments. I’ll wait to see if they come back soon, if they don’t, I’ll have to venture out later on my own...again.

Were I ever to spend a long period of  time in Malta, I’ll have a major challenge with my hair and what other thing???


  1. oh oh! so sorry dear about your experience. you should definitely get it done in London. enjoy your time there.xx

  2. I've booked the appointment for London, keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well...funny now as I think of it all.


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