Pay Attention to Your State of Mind

"My entire sytem works with my state of mind"...these were the words I said to a friend a few days ago.

I have come to accept that being healthy is not impossible, especially as parts of our bodies are wired to work in tandem. There have been times I didn't even realise I was dwelling on an issue till my body started acting up. Sometimes we may not think anything could bothering us/may be on our minds but in general if you start to have unexplained health issues, especially where all tests come back negative, you might want to check. It might have been pushed back in your mind but nags at you.

Some of the syptoms I have noticed over time, that make me realise I need to slow down are:

- Difficulty sleeping

- Headaches and feeling light headed

- Increased indigestion, bloating, diarrhoea

Although I have no scientific proof, from my personal experience, here are some of that always solve the issue:

Rest - This is one of the things we overlook so much but it is vital for our bodies and mental health. If you are like me, you might constantly want to do something. But I've trained myself and my mind to not do anything when I need to rest. You hear of people getting burnt out constantly or people losing their minds. We all need to make conscious effort to listen to our bodies and slow down. Rest might be the thing between you and another health crisis. Take time to rest, it is important.

Keep a positive mindset - 2020 has been a trying year for every single person in the world. Except you've been living in a cave! There is so much bad news and negativity, but you need to filter what you allow into your mind and what your mind dwells on. If there are things you've identified as constant triggers, do away with them as much as possible. Social media is a source of immense pressure for so many young people. With social media, what many fail to realise is that people post selectively. You would never know what battles or demons people are living with behind the scenes. For instance, we woke up recently to the shocking news of Chadwick Boseman's passing. Who knew that he had been battling for his life with cancer for four whole years. Through all the pain, chemotherapy, treatment, the man gave us his very best then bowed out. He knew he had limited time, yet he put forward light, positivity and such grace. Who would have thought?

People have lost loved ones, jobs and other things due to the pandemic. At a time like this, it is very easy to go on a downward spiral and stay depressed. But I like to say that as long as we are still living, there is hope. What other choice do we have? My take: stay positive and keep pushing, keep fighting.

Eat properly and stay hydrated  - Our bodies are meant to be nourished for maximum efficiency. Once upon a time, I used to forget to eat. Then I started to taste bile, my body was over producing acid and the required food for it to work with was absent. When I went to the hospital, all I was told was that I was not eating enough! The answer was so simple, no medication needed, just food. Eat well and balance out your food with the different classes. Junk can only nourish your body for so long before it starts to attack it. Drink water, lots of it. You'll see the difference and you'll be thankful for it.    

Exercise - We work hard and need some form of release for all the pent up energy. Not everyone might be a fitness buff, but somethng as simple as walking has so many health benefits. From exercise, new brain cells can be created, it increases the production of neurochemicals that promote brain cell repairs. I've also noticed that exercise helps with digestion and I use it as an outlet for frustration. It does me a world of good, always.

Keep good company - We were not meant to be alone or else we would have been individually placed on islands. That's how I choose to see it. We need people! Human relations are important to how we function; keep your loved ones close, create networks and make friends. On a bad day, a kind word from soemone may be all you need to light up your day. Even introverts who draw strength and recharge from being alone realise that they need company from time to time.

Have fun - Create moments you can look back on and smile. Don't over look your hobbies, you can't take yourself so seriously all the time. Your body needs to be rejuvenated so find ways to do some fun activities. Laugh, play, dance, take note of the small things around you. 2020 has shown us the importance of not taking things for granted. Being locked in, so many people wished to just go out, to have fun and to do the things they would normally do. Celebrate the small things, there is no point always waiting for something big.

Be present - Live in the now, enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you have today. Be sure to make decisions for tomorrow but live in the present. I've realised that sometimes it is the simplest things that we fail to do that could save us down the line. Take advantage of opportunities now, listen to you body and take care of it.

Any other tips to add to this list? Please share...

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  1. Mental health situation in Africa and more specifically Nigeria is poor. An estimated 20%-30% of Nigeria population is believed to suffer from mental disorders. This is bad. Quoted in an article by Annals of Nigerian Medicine. Written by Dauda Eneyamire Suleman of the Department of Pathology, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria. He quoted from Onyemelukwe C. Stigma and mental health in Nigeria: Some suggestions for law reform. J Law Policy Glob 2016: 55:63-8 This is also supported by WHO and Ministry of Health Nigeria WHO-AIMS 2006 Report on Mental Health Systems in Nigeria. AIMS means Assessment Instruments for Mental Health Systems. Policy Reforms proposed in 1991 are are yet to be implemented.
    This simply leaves everything in the hands of the individual, caregiver or loved ones where possible. This article is apt and timely. Measures highlighted in this article are well thought out and are easy to follow. Good stuff.

    1. I like to think that we have a duty as individuals to protect our mental health and not rely entirely on any system to do so for us.
      But I agree that Nigeria needs to do better to care for mental health patients.

  2. Simple and resounding. We honestly need to listen more to our bodies. Thank you auntie.

  3. Superb and educating. I experienced headache one evening, on getting home I quickly went out on my evening routine walk out. By the time I got home, I felt better and the headache was gone. Exercise and healthy eating sure has a good impact on our body.

    1. Sometimes the answer is in our hands, we just need to pay more attention.

  4. Today was a real moody day for me. Woke up thinking of how bleak the future seems and all the things going on in the country. Then I saw a post by candence Owens on social media and it made everything feel 10x worse ( honestly social media can be the worst sometimes ). I had to physically shake it off. Anyway I feel better now and those steps you listed work like magic. Happiness is a choice

    1. Happiness is indeed a choice. There is way too much on social media so we have to consciously protect our sanity.

  5. Gladly you have said it all. So apt! Thanku


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