Our reality with the corona virus

For the first time since the lock down, I allowed myself dwell on how long this corona virus pandemic might last and what the aftermath might be like. I was letting myself get sucked in by the worry, thoughts, analysis and uncertainty hitting the world at this time.
I do not intend to live in denial but I've generally found ways to take in the right amount of information for me, as there is sooooo much.

On different days this week, I just wanted to simply do the things I would normally do, for instance - I had food cravings of dishes I could not necessarily make, the feeling of not being able to go out also was getting to me, but I know that I do not have control over things at this point. This is a situation that no one anticipated, we are all learning how to deal with things on the go...All these thoughts took their toll on my mood for sure.

On some days, a good conversation with a friend may be all you need to sprinkle some sunshine into your day. Monday for me was one of those days....
As I was speaking to him, I mentioned that all of a sudden, a portion of every conversation gets dedicated to the corona virus outbreak and how it affects us. He rightly said that it is inevitable as it is now our reality and it might be a determining factor of how we do a lot of things afterwards, to which I agree.

He thought about me a few days before this conversation and his first thought was in the lines of "this restless woman who is always all over the place would have to sit still now...how will she cope?". It made me laugh especially because I am fine, which I mentioned to him. I am with the people who matter most to me so it makes it all ok. When all is said and done, these are the people I would worry about, were I to be far from them. So I am enjoying my time with them. Sometimes we do need a break, sometimes we need to stay still, sometimes the earth needs a break - which it is getting at the moment, no doubt!

I'm not about to make this post one of them 'what have you learnt from the pandemic' or 'tips to survive the lockdown' posts, but I will say reach out to your loved ones, mend relationships you may not have had time to mend...people are indeed our greatest asset. So many are dying from this virus, sadly in isolation, which isn't the way anyone would like to die.

At this point, the most important thing is to survive and get through this. 
Hard as it is, even more with the stay at home order being extended in many countries, we need to stay at home so that the virus won't be spread further. So stay alive people and be well. One day we'll be talking about this in the past.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, soon we will be talking about this pandemic in the past.

  2. Yes, dear. We will talk about this pandemic in the past, we will.


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