Sunday picnic at Gurara waterfalls

Gurara waterfalls is in Niger state and is roughly 145km by car from Abuja. Niger State is a neighbouring state, North West of Abuja. 

It takes two hours and a half or more to get there, depending on your speed. The road from Abuja is smooth, and there is more than enough to see on the way.
Heading out of Abuja

Express way in Niger state

Approaching the famous Zuma rock in Niger state

From the express way, once you take the road leading to the waterfall, it is bumpy, worse in some areas so one cannot drive too fast .

Approaching the waterfalls, there is a gate fee of 500 naira. I’m unsure who that money is remitted to as there is nothing set up at the waterfalls.

There is a great view from a spot not far from the car park, but to get close, you have to go down. There are boys around who are keen to help carry things down the hill. It is not a climb to worry about :-)
Gurara waterfalls

You don't appear in the photo when you are the photographer :-(

Yup, we are vain! Selfie...

More ladies

One guy was missing

I had to share, love how they were unaware

It is not advisable to swim where the water 'falls' as it is not a straight fall but has breaks with rocks in between. There is a shallow area where I have seen people swim so if you are one for adventures, there is provision for you!

Oh and there are toilets at the parking lot if you need to go.

Depending on what your expectations might be, there is not much to do so it is all about appreciating nature, then the company makes the trip totally worth it. We had a great time, we had food and drinks and games so it was a day well spent.


  1. Hi Tammy,

    I love your photo shoot at the waterfalls! So much fun, but you need a tripod perhaps so that you can be in the pictures, too! :)

    I can see how the waterfalls would be so relaxing to sit and appreciate nature, perhaps read a book or just connect with the atmosphere.

    Glad you had a great time!!


    1. Hi Christina, I should look into the tripod option, brilliant idea.

      Thanks for stopping by. Xx


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